About the Boca Raton Jewish Experience


"To connect every Jew with a Jewish experience"

The Boca Raton Jewish Experience’s (BRJE) mission is to enrich and inspire every Jew in Boca Raton by convening the community’s resources and by taking advantage of the existing Jewish infrastructure. BRJE reaches out and engages Jews by creating meaningful opportunities to interact in Jewish Communal activities. BRJE allows each individual to partake in a manner they feel most comfortable and encourages inclusion while respecting and accepting each person’s Jewish choices.

BRJE is an aggregator of nationally-developed educational programs, offering a variety of free and fee based classes to Jews about their history, heritage and spirituality, and offering ways that people can interact meaningfully in Jewish communal experiences. Now you can get connected in a way that allows you to partake at your own pace. BRJE classes are offered in Boca Raton for Jewish people of all ages and backgrounds.

BRJE recognizes that knowing something about Judaism does not require an all or nothing commitment. It is an individual journey to be pursued at one’s own pace and interest. Judaism is an opportunity for personal growth, to be tried, examined, and understood. We search our heritage for the wisdom that can enrich our lives, and seek to share that knowledge with all humanity. Through a variety of exciting programs, BRJE reaches out offering positive, joyous, and authentic Jewish experiences and meaningful educational and spiritual opportunities to people of all ages. BRJE programs convey the vibrancy of Judaism and the importance of Jewish community.

Mon, December 18 2017 30 Kislev 5778